When the Drama Teacher gets a notice that their show has been cancelled, and without the show, they lose all funding for future drama productions, the students decide to put their show online.  Created by Beat By Beat Press just for drama programs going through the COVID crisis, each student will receive a short scene to rehearse and video.  All the scenes will be put together for one production with a premiere on Youtube or Facebook.

We will be learning about various performance skills.  Each week will have a theme and videos will be available to help students learn about the theme.  Students will have a weekly challenge where they demonstrate what they have learned.

As the pandemic evolves, we will have a hybrid of ZOOM and in-person meetings.  We will try to work with each camper to meet their needs.  

For Students Grades 1—12

June 1-4 Theme: Acting and Auditions

June 8-11 Theme: Singing and Dancing

June 15-19 Theme: Make-up and Costumes

June 22-25 Theme: Staging and Props

June 30 - Facebook Premiere


Weekly Schedule

Mondays - Youtube Video introduction to weekly lesson and challenge

Tuesdays - Youtube Videos featuring special guests to talk about the weekly theme

Wednesdays - Surprise Videos

Thursdays - Individual and group sessions with the mentors


E-Mail any questions to the camp directors Hillery Griffin Stephanie Williams Leandra Brown

Register for camp by clicking here.